Jasper Dean loves music. Some say he loves music too much. You see, when he hears a beat he must dance, in fact, he can’t stop. Jasper’s father, Jed, was a musician. He left to go on the road when Jasper was just three years old. Jasper used to dance to his father’s music all day long until his feet would bleed. Jed knew he wasn’t coming back, so he told Jasper, “As long as you keep dancing to the music, I’ll always be in your heart and you’ll always be in mine.”

In Jasper’s home, Shinola, West Virginia, the town’s people don¹t know what to think of Jasper’s uncontrollable dancing. Some think he’s possessed, others have more “colorful” explanations. One thing is for sure, his fate awaits him at the Shinola County Fair. This year the fair features Jericho, “America’s number one banjo pickin’ sensation”. Jericho plays for one reason… to honor his father’s dying wish.

You may not believe in fate, but you will believe in density.



Directed by
Ian Harris

Written by
Ian Harris & Robert Duchaine

Produced by
Roland Canamar & Ian Harris

Associate Producer
Randy Hodges

Director of Photography
Don Berg

Edited by
Ian Harris

Original Music by
Craig Sibley


Ron Morey – jasper
Bryan Kellen – jericho
Mike Pace – jesse tunkwater
Robert Duchaine – uncle clyde
Kari Nissena – patti mae
Dan Gabriel – david burke
Adam Gropman – chuck turner
Mickey Joseph – col. diamond don
Seth Landau – teddy
Jeaninne Hardy – stick salesgirl
Jake& Bailey Pace – Jasper’s siblings