Booking Tacoma

Booking Tacoma2004

Ian Harris’s second feature film, Booking Tacoma, on the surface seems very similar to his debut feature, It Burns When I Laugh. In fact, if it weren’t for Burns, Ian may not have been brought in to helm Tacoma, another mock-doc centered around stand-up. That’s where the similarities stop, though. Tacoma is more a story of two friends, both in search of the same dream. The Tacoma comedy festival is THE place for a young comic to get discovered. Out of thousands of comedians around the world, only ten new faces are selected each year. Booking Tacoma, gives us an insider’s look at the world’s most prestigious comedy festival, where not only careers, but life-long friendships are in jeopardy, and no one knows what they’re looking for, not even the festival bookers. Tacoma was shot with practically no script, using many of today’s top improv actors, comedians and celebrity cameos.



Directed by

Ian Harris

Produced by

Max Nelson, John Leslie & Neal Doherty

Director of Photography

Roland Canamar

Written by

Pete Gray & John Leslie

Edited by

Pete Tapia

Assistant Director

Jeremiah Jones



Bob Oshack – bob mitchell

Pete Gray – alex young

Bobby Lee – tommy cho

Chelsea Handler – casey hamilton

Patrick Ney – lyle murphy

Max Nelson – blair woods

Mike O’Connell – dutch van zandt

Sean Quinn – filmmaker

Bob Odenkirk – dr. kappler

Melissa Paul – groupie #1

Stephanie Escajeda – groupie #2

Mike Pace – brian knight, manager

Dan Gabriel – gabe, festival scout

Laura Silverman – koko, festival scout

Steve Schrippa – eddie grandinetti

Barry Sobel – david klein, agent

Rhetta – herself

Chris Hardwcik – himself

Bil Dwyer – himself

Robert Hawkins – tim bagwell, network exec.

Jamie Massada – himself

Adam Gropman – guy in shorts